Welcome to Point of Difference Acupuncture

At Point of Difference Acupuncture we pride ourselves on providing professional Traditional Chinese Medicine services in a comfortable home-based clinic environment. We are an ACC accredited acupuncture practice and your treatments and assessments will be provided by our qualified acupuncturist, Alexei McDermott (BSc Acupuncture, NZASA and CMCNZ registered):

“The clinic is a relaxing, beautiful, and cosy space where I hope patients feel welcome, safe, and nurtured when coming in for treatment. My commitment is to provide excellent treatments, ensuring customer satisfaction and facilitating the changes patients would like to see in their lives. Amongst other presentations, I am passionate about helping patients with mobility issues to regain any lost faculties due to injury or illness and those struggling with chronic pain.” – Alexei McDermott.

We use a range of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques and methods, including:

– Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
– Auriculotherapy
– Electro Acupuncture
– Cupping
– Heat Therapy
– Guasha
– Nutrition Counselling

Please feel welcome to get in touch via our website if you have any enquiries or would like to book an appointment. We look forward to assisting you with achieving your desired health outcomes.

Alexei McDermott

BHSc (Acupuncture), ACC Accredited & registered with CMCNZ (The Chinese Medicine Council of New Zealand) and NZASA.
E-mail: info@pod-acupuncture.co.nz

Hello! My name is Alexei,
I was born and raised in Waikato, NZ, and my family roots run back to Switzerland and Ireland. My family has always put a lot of emphasis on health, and I feel that if we can maintain a degree of well-being, we are far more likely to achieve our goals, have fun and in general live a more fulfilling life.

For the better part of my childhood my mother practiced as a herbalist and shiatsu masseur, and my father as a massage therapist; these influences fostered in me a keen interest in complementary alternative medicine, which ultimately has lead me to training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and to becoming a qualified acupuncturist. In my personal and professional experience many testify to the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and it is incredibly heartening when chronic ailments patients have been living with are remedied in whole or in part using these holistic methods.

Prior to acupuncture I also had a long history in horticulture, sustainability, and community-orientated work; I have actively contributed to efforts involved with safeguarding wildlife and preserving the environment, providing people with nutrient-dense produce whilst also fostering community. I believe it’s important to consume nutritious, organic, in-season food, keep wholesome pastimes, and use movement as the basic premise to maintain good health.

Having lived in various countries and cities throughout New Zealand, I’ve been lucky to encounter people from all walks of life. This has strengthened my ability to relate to, empathise with and help people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. My fulfillment comes from supporting members of my community to attain their health goals and overcome obstacles that may be holding them back physically, mentally, or otherwise. I love to walk alongside people and enable them to take further steps along their path to better health.